1,500 employed through Career Days

We are proud to announce that we have reached a massive milestone – no less than 1,500 people have been employed through the 15 Career Days we have organised so far.

The success rate has been amazing to say the least. The concept proved to be successful since the very first career day was held in Zabbar in 2016. Thanks to the support of the participating companies, we have been able to provide an opportunity for employers to meet prospective employees in an informal environment while reducing engagement process time and costs.

The engagement rate, is also consistent with the space available for company stands within the location used. There were instances were space constraints allowed for 10 companies while others allowed for 25.

The final career day for 2018 will be held in Zabbar on Saturday 17th November in Saint Margaret’s Primary School (9am – 12.30pm).

To date only three spaces are still available. Those interested in receiving the 2019 calendar or to be inserted in our mailing list are kindly asked to contact Anne Rietveld on anne@hrmalta.eu

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