About Aircraft, Ravioli and Codes!

What a super day! It was time for some quality time for Team Y…

We started the day with a visit to the Air Control Tower at Malta International Airport, where we had a tour around the premises. It was great to see how the air controllers can speak to pilots miles up in the sky and to witness the other side of safely guiding aircraft using the Maltese air space.

Kudos to all the team at the Malta Air Traffic Services!

14 oct, 2018 (1).jpg

It was then time to visit our favourite Traditional Maltese cuisine restaurant – Nenu the Artisan Baker in Valletta. The best Ftira on the island along with the legendary rabbit ravioli topped the list…and the world (and Y stomachs) was filled with love ….We love you Nenu!

14 oct, 2018 (2).jpg

Ravioli dreaming & lazily strolling around Valletta, we realised that wine was not the brightest idea we had….but nothing that a superb cappuccino couldn’t solve, and, Voila’…back in action, all ready for the next test. Time to escape…the escape room.

We did choose the hardest one of all (that must have been the wine). The room was called “The Pub” with an escape rate of just 33%…

The room was &%^£&£@(@&£&@ … apologies…can’t reveal secrets

It was a brilliant team building experience and we managed reach our goal and escape in 55 minutes, 35 seconds.

We left the building feeling like heroes, unbeaten, in a movie like slow motion mode…only to discover that it was raining…which meant moving from slow motion to very fast forward to get to the Y Mobil.

It was yet another great day spent with the best team anyone could hope for.

Planning the next one….

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