APS launches third art exhibition

Showcasing Maltese Talent

Local artists Gilbert Calleja, Jeni Caruana, Mario Sammut and Charmaine Zammit are exhibiting their works of art at the third Art Exhibition organized by APS Bank.

While addressing guests at the launch, APS Chairman Mr E.P. Delia said that “APS wanted to provide an opportunity through which artists could exhibit their work in a professional manner while allowing the general public to appreciate such works of art and get to know more about the artists themselves.

We are proud to be able to contribute in this way to promote local talent. This exhibition, along with other APS initiatives, help in better communicating our talents, culture and most of all, our identity” explained Mr Delia.

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The exhibition features various works of art using different media such as acrylics, fired clay, water colours and conte. The four artists offer a taste of contemporary art, which also communicate their individual experience.

As with the previous editions of the Art Exhibition, APS Bank also published a souvenir program which provides a description of the works exhibited and their illustrations; as well as the artists’ biographies. The contributions featured in the publication, written by Dr Louis Lagana` and Ms Romina Delia provided the reader with a broader look at figurative art, the depiction of the human body and contemporary art.

The exhibition is curated by Dr. Louis Lagana` a Senior Lecturer in Fine Art and Art History at the Junior College, and also lectures on Art, Culture and Tourism with the Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture, University of Malta.

The general public are invited to visit the exhibition at the APS Head office in Swatar between Monday and Friday (0815hrs till 1530hrs) and on Saturday (0815hrs till 1130hrs) till the 5th of December 2013.

Artists Biography;

Gilbert Calleja

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Mr. Calleja (b. 1978) graduated in drawing and painting from the Malta School of Arts and holds a BA (Hons) in Art from the University of Malta and a ‘Licence’ and ‘Maitrise d’Arts Plastiques’ (Fine Arts) from the University of Paris, Paris 1, Panthéon- Sorbonne. His studies in art eventually led him to photography and as a student he had shown his works at the Cite Universitaire de Paris.

Calleja’s works were featured in a number of local and foreign magazines and newspapers such as the Newsweek Russia, the Guardian and the Ottar magazine (Swedish queer publication). He also participated in a number of exhibitions including Relocation: Six Emerging artists, A BOV exhibition, Santa Venera, Caochangdi Photospring, a photography festival in Beijing, China, Malta and the European Journey, Collective Photo-journalists’ Exhibition for the inauguration of Dar l’Ewropa, Valletta, Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles, European Photographic identities, Arles & Paris, France, and ‘Reportage’, a solo documentary photography exhibition at St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, Valletta.

Jeni Caruana

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In the Maltese artistic scene Ms. Caruana is well known as a main exponent for her remarkable water colour studies of landscapes, figures and themes inspired by nature. Her imaginative and tasteful works have highly decorative and complicated compositions of sceneries, almost alive with refined brush strokes, taken from the Maltese environs. The effect of clouds in the sky is a solid proof of her strong artistic talent and colourfulness. For a very long time she also worked and exhibited her works in personal and collective art shows related to Prehistoric Malta.

Caruana studied art in England at Uxbridge, Hull and Harrow before settling in Malta in1978. Since then she had 14 solo exhibitions of her works and participated in numerous joint, group and collective art shows in Malta and abroad. Her paintings now hang in many public and private collections in many countries and places, including the head offices of both major banks in Malta, the British High Commission and the American Ambassador’s Residence in Malta.

Mario Sammut

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Mr. Sammut was born in Malta in 1955. From an early age he attended lessons in drawing and painting by Antoine Camilleri and Esprit Barthet, two of Malta’s leading artists. Later he attended classes in ceramics, under the guidance of veteran ceramist Gabriel Caruana.

Most of his sculptures depict the human figure which he developed in portraying in his particular style, devoid of detail and with minimal features. From 1989 onwards, Sammut took part in various collective ceramic exhibitions and since then his ceramic works have been exhibited in Malta, Cyprus, Frankfurt and Sicily.

In recent years, Mario Sammut participated in many collective exhibitions and he was influential in co-organising the Malta-Cyprus Ceramics Exhibitions series which is put up annually alternating its venue between Malta and Larnaca. In September 2010 he was selected to exhibit his ceramics in the Bornholm European Ceramics Context 2010, in Denmark. For this exhibition, two ceramists from each country of the European Community were selected to participate.

Charmaine Zammit

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Born in 1978, Ms. Zammit is a visual artist who received her art education at secondary level, at the School of Art in Valletta and at the University of Malta where she obtained both her Bachelors’ and Masters’ Degree in Art Education. Currently Charmaine is a Head of Department of Art Education, a role which encourages her to work passionately to raise more awareness about the essence of art education towards a holistic education.

Ever since Charmaine was a child, she always felt the need to experiment, draw, paint and create. She thought and still thinks that such artistic instinct belongs to everyone, however some people give up or are somehow not encouraged enough to express themselves through the arts. Since she considers herself a life-long art student, she never stops learning through observing life and experimenting with different media to be able to choose the right vehicle for expressing her ideas. As can be noticed, the artworks inspired by the theme of ‘Otherness’, are not bound to one particular style, because each artwork was approached according to the mood captured during the moment of creation. Thus the artworks range from semi-abstracts, to expressionism and surrealism reflecting Charmaine’s temperament during each artwork’s expression. Charmaine considers the artwork’s creative process as magic… an illusion that somehow transcends her into other realities, similar to music, which makes her forget about herself when she is completely absorbed in the artwork.

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n48giMJ8BCQ

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