Bella Sicilia!

What a way to start 2019! Team Y was treated to a lovely trip to Sicily on the first official working day for the new year.

4 jan, 2019 2.jpg

Following breakfast at a local hotel, the team visited various places of interest around Sicily and the beautiful Taormina. From castles & gardens to promenades, wine, local cuisine and, of course, shopping malls, Team Y got a pretty good taste of the Bella Sicilia.

4 jan, 2019.jpg

4 jan, 2019 1.jpg

4 january, 2019.jpg

Our tour leader, Nicole, planned everything out perfectly (Grotta delle Conciglie ??!) while the official navigator, John, showed us the way (thank God for Google Maps). Anne showed off her incredible language skills (we really think Anne can speak ANY language!!) though she found out that speaking Spanish to an Italian is not really effective . Gordon on the other hand, relaxed and followed orders!

A perfect start for the new year for our incredible team.

Happy new year to all!

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