Calypso Radio 101.8 is Malta’s second most listened to station

The latest survey published by the Maltese Broadcasting Authority has confirmed another increase in audience share for Calypso Radio.

November 2019.png

The survey shows that the increase in audience now places Calypso Radio as holder of the second largest audience share, surpassing Bay Radio and second to One Radio.

Gordon Pace, Managing Director Y Ltd, operators of Calypso Radio since July 2019, said that this is the result of the new marketing strategy the company has been adopting as of August 2019. He thanked the thousands of loyal listeners who follow Calypso Radio throughout the day and the team behind the station.

This success was also confirmed by another registered drastic increase in listener hours online. Monthly reports by international service provider VOSCAST showed steadily increasing number of hours of listenership. Since August 2019 Calypso Radio registered an average monthly increase of 5% month after month.

Calypso Radio can be followed online through the official website –

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