The Career Day Explained

The aim of the Career Day is to provide employers with a highly effective recruitment solution.

In a nutshell, the Career Day brings together jobseekers and HR Manager. Jobseekers can sit for an informal interview on the spot. Due to her / his experience, the HR Manager would immediately know if the candidate is suitable for a particular job or not.

This process replaces the lengthy, and costly, traditional one.

The success rate achieved during the career days is impressive. Over 1,600 vacancies have been filled using this system, making the career day the most successful recruitment event in Malta.

The Career Day is promoted through different media in the identified localities.

The next career days will be held as follows:

Msida – Saturday 16th March €300,- excl. VAT

Sicily – Saturday 18th May €800,- excl. VAT

The participation fee covers participation, event advertising, table and chairs.

For more information about participating in a Career Day please contact Anne on or call on +356 7703 9996 / +356 2180 1403

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