Congratulations Hotspot Enterprises!

We congratulate our clients, Hotspot Enterprises for their new e-commerce initiative involving the use of the Quick Response Code and on the signing of a €1.7 million agreement with Progress Press and MaltaPost plc.

The details were delivered during a press conference by Mr Marlor Caruana and Mr Kenneth Pullicino, Managing Director and Strategic Director respectively of Hotspot Enterprises.

17 june 2013 (1).jpg The Press conference

During the press conference Hon Edward Zammit Lewis, Parliamentary Secretary responsible for Competitiveness and Economic Growth said that Hotspot Enterprises should serve as an example for all local companies particularly for their trust in the local market.


Hotspot Enterprises Corporate Video

Hotspot Enterprises website

Press reports of the press conference:


The Times of Malta

The Malta Independent

Net Television

17 june 2013.jpg

One of the reports of the press conference.

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