A creative solution for job seekers and employers – Minister Bartolo

While visiting the Careers Day at the Mosta Local Council earlier today, Minister for Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo said that this initiative was a creative solution both for job seekers and employers.

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The event, which was the second of its kind, follows the success achieved at the Zabbar Local Council, during which 55 out of 110 persons were offered a job and eventually employed by companies present at the event.

Ivan Bartolo, Mosta Local Council’s Deputy Mayor said that the initiative, being organised as part of Mosta Solidali, aimed at improving a person’s quality of life by offering an informal meeting place for a person with a prospective employer.

Minister Bartolo praised the initiative, whose concept was created by a private entity, Y Ltd, and the local council, who identified the opportunity and used it for the benefit of the residents.

Dr Therese Comodini Cachia, MEP and shadow Minister for Education said that the concept has been proven to be one which works effectively, with a high success rate.

Gordon Pace, Y Ltd Managing Director said that the concept was developed as a PR strategy for businesses who have realised that advertising career opportunities in traditional media is not as effective as it used the be. “This system provides the employer with the opportunity to actually meet the job seeker, therefore deciding there and then if the job seeker is a potential candidate or not. This is an effective, faster process, and actually a much cheaper option, which is also proven by an increasing number of companies who are showing interest in the event” said Gordon Pace.

He thanked the Mosta local council and the participating companies for the trust placed in Y Ltd.

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