Grazie Elena!!

grazzie Elena.jpg

Once again, sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to another intern. Three months ago, we met Elena, an Italian student who came to Malta for a marketing internship.

From the beautiful city of Teramo, in the region of Abruzzo, she came to our island to learn more about Marketing and Public Relations through hands-on experience. We immediately welcomed her to the office and started showing her the ropes.

During her time at Y, Elena had the opportunity to work with us and learn how we do business. Her native language was very helpful especially while getting ready for our international jobs.

‘Mela’ was the first word she learned but by the end of her internship, she managed to learn a few other Maltese words as well....such as “Grazzi Ħafna”.

Thank you Elena...we’ll miss you and you jovial character! Good luck in your studies and we really hope to meet you soon. Grazzi Ħafna Elena!

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