Ho Ho Ho…Christmas Dinner for Team Y

Team Y were treated to a lovely Christmas dinner which also served as a much-needed break from our fast-paced, exciting environment. It was also the first time that all the team members were in the same place at the same time. This is due to the different roles all team members play within the company.

Our loved ones were also invited because…. “all we need is love”… and we do acknowledge that we would be lost without their support.

Team members were presented with a commemorative pen, bearing the new slogan which will be adopted by the company as from next year – “Every Day Better”.

Our Managing Director, Gordon Pace, explained that he first noticed the slogan at his daughters’ school. The slogan is meant to remind us all that we need to make sure that whatever we do in life, we do it in the best possible way, and even better than we did yesterday.

Gordon thanked all team members for their sterling work and revealed some of the major plans for 2020.

At the end of the event, Team Y presented Gordon with a Christmas gift and a lovely card. Then, the wine kicked in….and the rest is history :)

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