Ira flies High!

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Y Ltd has collaborated with Ira Losco, Jagged House, Diamond Aviation and the Malta Aviation Society on the “Ira Losco Challenge” during the airX Malta International Airshow.

Artist Ira Losco asked her fans to suggest a challenge on the occasion of the 40,000 like mark on her Facebook page. After a series of suggestions she decided to go for an aerobatic experience. Thanks to the Malta Aviation Society and Diamond Aviation this was made possible.

Our involvement included informing the public about the event through different means.

Click here for report published in the Times of Malta.

The event was a success. Click here for the official video showing Ira performing the challenge.

This was the press release issued:

Ira flies high!

Kitted up in a flight suit, parachute strapped to her back and a five point seat belt tightly holding her down to the solitary passenger seat, Malta’s popular pop star Ira Losco will be taking a joyride in the sky on Diamond Aviation’s Extra 200 aerobatic aircraft this Saturday.

Currently having released her third single “Me Luv U long Time“ off her latest album “The Fire”, which has dominated the iTunes charts for 11 consecutive weeks, Ira Losco wanted to do something special to commemorate her 40,000 likes on her fan page.

“Once Ira sets her mind on doing something there’s no stopping her and I guess this is her way of thanking all those who have supported her as well as help create awareness to this yearly event” said manager Howard Keith from Jagged House.

The challenge, which is being made possible with the collaboration of the Malta Aviation Society, organisers of the 2013 AirX Malta International Airshow, will take place at the venue of the Malta International Airshow on Saturday 28th September at 1500hrs.

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“We greeted the opportunity to work with Ira Losco with great enthusiasm. Ira’s exuberance is a driving force in itself. We are sure this experience will be enjoyed by both Ira and her fans and we are glad to be making this event possible” said Dr Marco Ciliberti, Director of Diamond Aviation.

When, on her Facebook page, Ira Losco wrote about the challenge and asked for ideas, the proposals were numerous and varied. Yet, Ira Losco has opted to take to the air.

“I’ve always liked a challenge. Needless to say there were various suggestions most of which were funny to say the least. I have to admit I am petrified of heights but in spirit of a good challenge I’m up for it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank this professional team and encourage people to support our aviation industry” said Ira Losco.

Aerobatic flight exposes the body to extreme gravitational forces which have known physiological effects on the human body.
The aircraft will be piloted by aerobatic instructor Aldo di Bernardo.

Ira’s experience, and reactions, will be captured by the aircraft’s on-board cameras, footage of which will be released after the event.

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