Malta Car Auctions is go!

Malta Car Auctions has opened its’ doors. Y Ltd congratulates MCA directors Ms. Julie Culley and Mr. Glen Jones on their venture.

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Malta Car Auctions Launched

Malta Car Auctions has been officially launched earlier on today during a press conference addressed by the Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business Hon Chris Cardona and the company’s directors.

Malta Car Auctions Director Mr. Glen Jones explained that the company aims at providing a fair process which allows sellers and buyers to get the best deal.

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“The process involves the seller, who would inform us about the minimum price at which he or she is ready to sell the car. Once the car is here, an independent mechanic inspects the car and prepares a report. In the meantime the seller is informed if the asking price is a realistic one or not.

Once this is sorted out, the car is set up for auction. Photos and details are then posted on our website and Facebook page and then set up for viewing, here at our premises a day before the actual auction,” explained Mr. Jones.

Both Malta Car Auctions Directors, Mr. Jone and Ms. Julie Culley have recently relocated to Malta from Australia to start off this venture. They expressed their satisfaction at the attention the business concept generated from the general public. Various people asked for further information through their Facebook page or by coming directly to their premises during viewing hours.

Mr. Jones said that the auctioning process provides an opportunity to sell or buy a car in an easy and fair manner. “During the auction, bidders are given the opportunity to start bidding here for a vehicle they would like to purchase. If the reserve price is not met, the highest bidder is given the opportunity for our staff to contact the car owner to discuss a possible deal” said Mr Jones.

The company has recently employed members of staff with related experience to be able to provide a high quality service. Mr. Jones said that through collaboration with Middlesea Insurance and Bank of Valletta, Malta Car Auctions provides a complete service, and makes it possible for the buyer to literally leave the premises with an insured car.

“Leaving Australia was a challenge, but our research showed that there is potential. There are a group of people I would like to thank, amongst them Minister Cardona who helped us at a vital moment. This resulted in a new business, an innovative opportunity and in the employment of a team of people whom, we are very pleased, to form part of the Malta Car Auctions,” concluded Mr Jones.

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