Over 100 careers available at Mosta Career Day

Saturday 15th September might be the start of a new career for all those visiting the Career Day at the Mosta Local Council.

The Career day will feature HR Managers and representatives from the companies below who will be waiting to meet with those interested in exploring a new career.

All those interested are kindly asked to attend the career day between 9am and 12:30 pm

List of companies.

  • GO
  • PBP
  • Centrecom
  • Classic Group
  • TP Operations
  • Melita
  • Hudson holdings
  • Browns Pharmacy
  • MFSA
  • Maltapost
  • Vassallo Group
  • Infinitely Xara
  • Camilleri Group
  • Swan Laundry
  • Jobs Plus

For more information kindly contact, Danielle on danielle@y.com.mt

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