Over 1,500 university students participate in a l-Istrina Fundraising Event

Up till 14:00hrs over 1,500 university students had participated in the “Free for All” event being organised in aid of l-Istrina. During the event, all those making use of the campus canteen facilities at the University of Malta could eat and drink all they wanted against a donation of €2.50.

“The event had started off six years ago at MCAST. As operators of the canteen services we wanted to create an event through which we could raise funds for l-Istrina while bearing in mind that our clients were students. It was an immediate success, which is why we keep on organising the event year after year, now at University”, said Mr Joe Micallef of JM Operators, operators of the University of Malta Canteen. While thanking the suppliers who donated food and beverage items, Mr Micallef thanked his staff and the student organisations for their support.

The event involves over 25 staff members, who, with the help of the Scouts make their utmost of have a fast moving process.

MEP Candidates Dr Alfred Sant, Ms Helga Ellul, Dr Miriam Dalli and Mr Kevin Plumpton visited the university canteen, praised the efforts of all those involved and encouraged other businesses to create similar events in aid of such a worthy cause.

Mr. Joe Micallef explained that this years’ target was higher than the previous year, which is why the company invested in a marketing campaign on and off campus, thus raising awareness of the event. “I’m always amazed by the eagerness of people to help out. Many of the services related to the event, were actually provided free of charge. All this will result in a bigger donation to l-Istrina” concluded Mr Micallef.

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