They’re back!

The Umbrella installation is back with a bang! While most of Zabbar was asleep, a team of about 30 people were secretly setting up Malta’s most Instagrammed installation.

The colourful umbrellas are now once again colouring Zabbar’s main road. We’re quite sure you’ll spot photos of the installation on social media.

The installation was born last year as part of the mega event, Crossroads, organised by the Zabbar Local Council. Y Ltd was providing Marketing and PR Services for the event. The client needed a solution which would generate public interest in the event as well as connect the two main venues where the event was held.

The umbrellas installation was deemed to be the perfect solution, and also provide a connection with Zabbar since the city is well known for the world’s two largest umbrellas which are used by the Zabbar band clubs during the feast.

The road, Main street, was also deemed to be a perfect venue since it fit well in the upright photo frame of any mobile device, making it perfect for Instagram pics.

The installation was an instant hit and ended up as being classified as the most instagrammed installation in Malta.

The Zabbar Local Council and Y Ltd are both finalists in the social media campaign category of the annual national awards organised by the Malta Communications Authority.

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