What do people know about your organization?

You are your reputation. This is a fact which no one can really dispute. You are what people decide you are.

However, the good news is that you get to shape this decision. Having a handsome marketing budget is your dream…our dream…everyone’s dream.

But still it doesn’t guarantee that you will achieve success. What you will achieve however is a public informed about what you want to promote. The real reputation is built when interaction starts, both on internal and external levels.

When you staff speak about your products, your offers they are slowly building your reputation. When colleagues interact, the way they present themselves to each other, the management and their clients they are actually contributing to the build-up of your reputation.

Public Relations is not about showing your best side. It’s about making people say how good you are….and this is achieved with a solid PR plan. Contact us today on gordon@y.com.mt

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