Y’s new TV schedule coming up

We’re getting ready for a busy TV season…final touches on sets, lights and one never has enough equipment to satisfy the needs by the various presenters.

Y Ltd will be producing a number of new programmes on Xejk TV, namely the following;

L-Għodwa t-Tajba – Live breakfast show transmitted between 7am and 9am from our studios in Luqa. Hosted by Gordon Pace.

Nostalġija Taljana - Twanny Scerri features in what is the most popular programme on Xejk TV. Nostalġija Taljana features information about Italian artists and a selection of their songs. The host will share latest news and the main aspect of the artist’s career.

Ritratti mill-Passat – Mario Fenech is back with this live programme during which a private collection of photos shot in Malta in the early 60s will be shared. Viewers can share their views by phone calls.

Xi Ħlomt – Nadia Borg Bonaci is back with this popular live programme during which she’ll interpret dreams dreamt by viewers..not to be missed

Iż-Żmien ma jaħfirha lill ħadd – Calypso Radio host John Mallia is back with this series during which we’ll take a look at popular musicals and musicians and, while sharing their story and successes, will also show the audience their photos along the years, thus showing the changes they physical went through. Examples include Grease (the musical), Happy Days (the series) and 70s, 80s pop stars such as The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Jon Bon Jovi, U2 etc.

Business Talk – The programme will feature one to one, 30-minute interviews with entrepreneurs who have managed success. Throughout the interview, the host will ask the guest about the way to success and also to share tips with all those interested in starting a business as regards to what steps to follow.

This programme follows Business Chat which was produced and hosted by the same host on a different station and was declared as the most followed programme on that station and also the most followed TV business programme to date.

Hello Calypso - The new programme which was launched in June 2020 has become a much requested one by the audience. Listeners request and dedicate songs by recording messages on a dedicated phone number. These are then featured during the programmes.

Jukebox - The programme, transmitted live, will be hosted by different Calypso Radio DJ Tony Ciantar. The DJ will receive music video requests by the audience and then play the requested song.

Drama – Dun Benit and il-Madonna taċ-Ċoqqa will be our drama highlights this season.

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