Like...The Beatles (8th & 9th December)

“Like the Beatles are as close to the Fab Four as you can get”

-          Ed Petrie, The BBC

 Beatlemania is hitting Malta! It’s the magical sixties again, when four young lads took the world by storm. Back then, millions around the world followed The Beatles through radio shows TV appearances. The band sold millions of records and albums around the globe at a time when the internet wasn’t even a dream.

 Till this very day, songs by The Beatles are played over a million times a day through online means such as Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, YouTube etc

 It wasn’t just about music; it was about creating an experience which merged legendary lyrics with great music and fun.  

Like...The Beatles will feature one of the most exciting official Beatles tribute bands around.  Dubbed to be the UK’s most authentic Beatles band; entertaining audiences all over the British Isles and Europe for more than a decade. Using authentic instruments and costumes, Like…The Beatles will recreate the same energy and atmosphere The Beatles generated years ago.

The concert will be held at one of Malta’s finest indoor theatres – The Mediterranean Conference Centre (MCC) in Valletta on the 8th and 9th of December 2018.

  2018-12-08 @20:00:00
  Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta

ABBA Arrival (22nd & 23rd February)

Arrival – the ABBA show

World acclaimed band ARRIVAL will be performing 2 shows in Malta on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd February 2019 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.

ARRIVAL have been performing across the globe on both stage and TV Since 1995 and have performed to millions of ABBA fans of all ages in over 26 different countries and are considered to be the foremost international multi award winning ABBA show one can find anywhere in the world today!

 The band features some of the UK's finest musicians, stunning live vocals, beautiful ABBA harmonies, and choreographed dance routines all come together to create a truly authentic ABBA experience.

 A fabulous collection of lavish and truly authentic replica costumes worn by 'ARRIVAL' based on the costumes originally designed for ABBA by Inger Svenneke and Owe Sandstrom are just some of the special touches which keep 'ARRIVAL' one step ahead of the rest.

 When it comes to re-creating the sights and sounds of Abba, ‘ARRIVAL' are unsurpassed!

'ARRIVAL' will bring back your memories of the ABBA era, with songs such as the Eurovision winner 'Waterloo', through to the haunting sounds of 'Fernando' and 'Eagle’, then back to the toe tapping favourites 'Dancing Queen', 'Take a Chance on Me' and the ever popular 'Thank You for the Music'.

 We’re in for a great evening!!

  2019-02-22 @20:00:00
  Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta